Brake Components

Brake Components

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  • November 24, 2017

Products Description

MOLLER brakes – keep a tighter grip.

MOLLER brake components for passenger cars are in a class of their own. With their superior casting quality, stringent specifications and excellent, short bed-in behaviour MOLLER brake discs are guaranteed to take a firm grip on the wheel in any situation. Featuring 3-layer damping shims MEYLE brake pads minimise braking noise and vibration – for maximum driving pleasure.

Even installation is fun with the MOLLER brake discs: Thanks to their anti-corrosion coating there is no need for degreasing and the right locating screw is included in the box. The wide range of MOLLER brake discs, brake pads, brake drums and brake hoses is readily available from stock and caters for 95 per cent of the vehicles registered across Europe.

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